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Welcome to Anchor Point Estates, your dedicated real estate experts for military families in the Jacksonville area. Specializing in Mayport and Yulee, we ensure your home buying journey is seamless and tailored to your unique needs.

Serving Military Families in Mayport, Yulee, and Jacksonville

Welcome to Anchor Point Estates, where we specialize in meeting the unique real estate needs of military families in the vibrant communities of Mayport, Yulee, and Jacksonville, Florida. Our dedicated team understands the nuances of military life and is committed to providing personalized real estate solutions that cater specifically to you.

Our Core Real Estate Services in Jacksonville, FL

Anchor Point Estates offers a comprehensive range of real estate services, including

VA Loan Guidance

Expert guidance on VA loans, simplifying the application process and helping military families understand their benefits.

Personalized Home Buying Assistance

Offering tailored support to find your ideal home, from exploring listings to navigating the purchase process.

Comprehensive Selling Strategies

Providing targeted selling strategies and market insights to maximize the value and efficiency of your home sale.

Expertise in Military Relocations

Specialized services in military relocations, ensuring a smooth transition for military families to and from the Jacksonville area.

Discover Your Dream Home in Jacksonville's Prime Locations

Finding the Right Fit: At Anchor Point Estates, we recognize that every family’s needs are unique. Whether you’re looking for a suburban haven in Yulee, a coastal retreat in Mayport, or a bustling urban residence in Jacksonville, our extensive listings and local expertise ensure you find a place that feels like home.

Jacksonville, the largest city in Florida, offers a diverse range of neighborhoods, each with its own character and charm. From the historic beauty of San Marco to the lively downtown area, Jacksonville is a city that caters to all lifestyles.

Mayport is renowned for its naval base and stunning beaches. Living in Mayport means easy access to some of the best seafood, beautiful coastal landscapes, and a tight-knit military community that understands your lifestyle.

Yulee offers a peaceful suburban lifestyle, perfect for families looking for space and tranquility. With its excellent schools, parks, and community-focused living, Yulee is an ideal place to put down roots.

Become Part of Our Jacksonville-Based Real Estate Family

Join our real estate family at Anchor Point Estates, where we prioritize the unique needs of military families in Jacksonville, Mayport, and Yulee, Florida. Experience unparalleled service tailored to your lifestyle. Contact us today to begin your home journey in a community that understands and values your service.

Why Military Families Choose Anchor Point Estates?


We have the expertise in addressing the unique challenges and opportunities of military relocation.

Jacksonville Local Experts

Our team has in-depth knowledge of the Jacksonville, Mayport, and Yulee real estate markets.

Tailored Services

We offer specialized services for VA loans, military relocations, and first-time homebuyers.

Community Connections

We maintain strong relationships with local military bases and veteran organizations.

A Closer Look at Jacksonville, Mayport, and Yulee

Jacksonville: A Hub of Culture and Convenience

  • Diverse Neighborhoods: Explore areas like Riverside, Avondale, and the Beaches.
  • Rich History and Culture: Jacksonville’s museums, galleries, and historic sites offer a glimpse into Florida’s vibrant past.

Mayport: Where the Ocean Meets Military Pride

  • Naval Station Mayport: One of the country’s largest naval stations, a cornerstone of our community.
  • Coastal Adventures: Enjoy fishing, boating, and beach activities all year round.

Yulee: Family-Friendly Living in a Growing Community

  • Natural Beauty: Yulee is surrounded by nature reserves, offering plenty of outdoor activities.
  • Growing Economy: Benefit from Yulee’s expanding job market and business opportunities.

Ready to Find Your Home in Jacksonville, Mayport, or Yulee?

Contact Us Today and start your journey with Anchor Point Estates, where your new home awaits!

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